How to Choose the Right Care Home Beds

Whether you’re looking to update and refurnish your commercial care home beds, or just want a single home care bed, there are a few considerations that you’ll have to make before you make your purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental concerns below.

Where is my care home bed going to be sited?

For commercial residential or nursing care homes, obviously this isn’t so much of an issue, as bed spaces will generally already have been allocated. However, for domestic home care beds, knowing where you intend to put your care home bed before you buy it is a major consideration. This is because the shape, size and location of the room can have a major impact on the size and type of bed that’s purchased. For instance, you may need to buy a model of bed that can be assembled on site, if the room in question can only be accessed via narrow stairwells, halls or doorways.

Will my beds need to be mobile?

Also consider whether the bed will need to be moved often between rooms or treatment centres within a complex – if this is the case (and it usually is), the care home beds will need to not only be sturdy, but on castors to enable easy movement of the bed. Ideally, the castors should be lockable to provide a safe and secure way to move the bed when it is occupied.

Is the care home bed I want to purchase certified Crib 5?
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If you’re looking for contract residential home beds, in the UK legislation stipulates that the beds must be Source 5/Crib 5. This is where the beds have undergone a rigorous series of safety tests according to strict criteria. Many companies offering contract beds will have a specific range especially for care homes, all of which should meet these fundamental safety standards for commercial use.

Always look for a guarantee You don’t want to be buying new nursing home beds, only to have to replace them within a few months or years. Make sure you check out whether the beds you’d like to purchase come with a guarantee – a five year guarantee should be the minimum. Also consider the material that the bed frames are constructed with, as this is often a good indicator of whether the beds will have longevity – steel angle bed frames are always a good, sturdy structure for bed frames, especially those intended for 24 hour use.

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