Choosing the best Online Casino

There actually several thousand online casinos in the world today – is it possible to find in this multitude the one which best for you? The answer is yes. Discover only a handful of companies out there that provide professional casino software. Different online casino owners purchase the software, however the look and feel, payment methods and bonus structure remain mostly unchanged plus depends on the software used. Thus, you will often hear phrases like “Microgaming casinos”, “Playtech casinos”, “Cryptologic casinos”, etc . Some online casinos use their own, or “proprietary”, software, however, you have to be extra careful with these!

Some casinos will not accept (“blacklist”) gamblers from certain countries, because of high level of fraud, so check your country is not blacklisted before you register.

Once you’ve decided on casino/software, follow these simple rules to minimise risking your money:

Try out their customer support system. If can’t find contact phone numbers or there’s no 24 hour technical support, find another casino!
Glance at the domain name. Unusual, long-winded and complicated names with a lot of hyphens generally indicate that this a new or inexperienced business. Avoid.
Check the licence. An online casino may legally operate without having it, but a few good founded casinos will have it, even if to improve customers’ confidence and their sense of security.
Does casino provide ‘free chips’ or free trial games?
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This is a good way to try out casino software without risking your own money.
Do your research and find as many user reviews as you can.

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