4 Steps to Success in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now an essential component of any business’s marketing plan. Anyone with a product or service that needs promoting can turn to Social internet marketing to introduce, share, gain suggestions, engage with consumers and ultimately Market.

Ask any business owner, what or even who are your best quality leads and they’re going to likely say ‘referrals’. Referrals are usually generated from one person sharing their own experience with another person within their SOCIAL group.

And this is the power of Social Media Marketing. By placing yourself or your business in a social space you improve your chance of receiving more business due to someone finding, searching for, reading regarding or directly being referred to you.

But like any marketing platform there are always certain principles to adhere to and pitfalls to prevent. In this article we’re focusing on the four steps to success in Social Media Marketing…

Step 1 : WHO?

Any well planned advertising campaign must begin with the question, who are we targeting? If you are an accountant and you marketplace yourself to teenagers how successful can your campaign be? You have to know who might be likely to want or even better; NEED your own product or service.

Once you work out who occur to be targeting, EVERYTHING in your marketing materials, whether online or offline should be in total alignment with this target market. This consists of the fonts used, images, vocabulary style, colours, offers and overall psychology behind your campaign.

If this doesn’t, you will likely have little success with your Social Marketing campaign.

Step 2: JUST HOW?

The next essential step to a prosperous Social Marketing campaign is to determine how you will reach your target market.

Each of the 4 main Social Media websites lend them selves to different marketing opportunities. Depending on the kind of campaign you plan to initiate will certainly determine which Social website will be most suitable.

The four most popular Social websites are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you plan to use all sites to market your product or service, really essential to have a thorough understanding of every to ensure your campaign will be profitable.

Step 3: OFFER

Without an offer or even incentive a Social marketing campaign falls under the category of ‘branding’. And how can you measure branding? You can’t.

A successful marketing campaign either online or offline must be measurable. If you put ‘x’ amount of time or money into a campaign it will return a measurable results in money terms or leads created.

Your own offer must include these elements if it’s to result in a sale or lead…

Unique – why would someone take up your offer when they can get the same or similar offer elsewhere?

Scarce – we value things that are scarce. Why is gold so valuable?
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Because there’s very little of it.

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