Off the Beaten Path in Eugene Oregon

Most people think that the only major city within Oregon’s borders is Portland. While Portland is certainly a vibrant and thriving city, Eugene should not be forgotten about.

Eugene Oregon is home to the University of Oregon. The University’s mascot is the Duck and it is one of the only universities in the United States to have a contract with the Walt Disney Corporation. As you drive through town, especially on the streets surrounding and going through the University, you will see UO flags with Donald Duck!

There are plenty of places right around the University that are fun to explore, but Eugene has more than a college within its borders.

Eugene sits right next to another Oregon city called Springfield. In fact, most Oregonians know the metro area simply as Springfield/Eugene. Here are a few places that you should think about visiting when you get to town!

Buddy’s Diner: Buddy’s Diner, located on 1725 Coburg Road (one of the major thoroughfares in Eugene) is a throwback to the diners of the 1950s. The burgers are huge, the buns are home made and the toilet seats are shaped like guitars! The back end of a car hangs out of the wall and there is rock and roll memorabilia on the walls. Go during off-peak hours to ensure that you will get a seat. Buddy’s is always busy. It probably has something to do with all of that great food that’s available for more than reasonable prices.

Regal Cinemas in Valley River Center: The Valley River Center is one of the two major shopping malls in the Springfield/Eugene metropolitan area. This theater was completed in 2006 and is one of the most comfortable theaters in town. While the ticket prices aren’t exactly cheap (only second run theaters are actually affordable anymore anyway), the size of the snacks makes up for the steep pricing. A large popcorn is around five dollars but it comes in a bucket so huge, even a group of five or six people won’t be able to finish it before the end of the movie!

Value Village: Value Village is thrift shopping at its best. Value Village is part of the larger Value Village/Savers chain that has outlets all over the north and southwest. What makes this Value Village special? In addition to being able to find designer digs for less than ten dollars (with the tags still on!), the proximity to the University of Oregon means that donations are coming in by the truckload every few months as college students clean out their closets for another semester.

Eugene has plenty to see and do-it has a small town feel even with its large and sprawling population. The University helps keep the median age low, which means that merchants do their best to cater to limited budgets. As you’re driving through Oregon on I-5 why not swing off the road and see what Eugene has to offer
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