Tips on how to Repair An iPhone Or iPod For Profit

Exactly why would you repair an iPhone for revenue? Over 2, 300, 000 iPhones are broken each year. That number will simply rise as Apple continues to improve the iPhone and as Apple increases the stores which handle the iPhone.

The most common repair will cost you $200 when performed at the Apple Store. That same repair, done by an independent iPhone repair person will typically cost $60. The iPhone repair person makes regarding $40 for what typically takes 30 minutes or less – not bad profit a bad economy, is it?

If you don’t believe the iPhone is fragile, just stay one in your pocket and sit on it! They are a slippery little devils too… it’s so easy to watch a single “fly” out of your hands and away a balcony or down some stairs.
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The most common result is a cracked screen. Because of the way the phone can be constructed, it’s just easier and makes more sense to replace the particular glass and digitizer. However , the particular repair is not for the weak associated with heart – it often results in new problems, or even destruction of the phone, and always ends your warranty. Training as to how to repair the particular iPhones is a must.

Because online marketers want to make a quick buck: they’ll article a quick repair video and sell you a part. You can do it yourself, for approximately three times the wholesale value of the part. It ends up being slightly less than taking the phone into a completely independent iPhone repair place. The video is going to be full negative comments, because getting the part, and watching a quick and careless video won’t make you the iphone repair person. Only detailed training, “live help” and practice can do that.

Once you’ve learned the basic repairs most commonly required for iPhones, you’ll have a marketable skill. Get a website with hosting, do some advertising, and get going! You may make $50, 000 or more, your first year repairing iPhones IF you get started right. Once you learn the iPhone, you can learn iPod and iPad repairs too. In fact , screens and other things break on MAC PC laptops – someone has to restoration them as well… $100, 000 is achievable the first year if you’re a real proceed getter.

Repairing Apple devices is not for everyone.

1 . Get great instruction, by finding a repair person to teach you. 2 . Learn marketing particular to the industry. Marketing is at least 75% of any business. 3 or more. Keep learning new repairs as new devices come along. Your business can rocket skyward!

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