Obtain Locked, Loaded and Ready for Enjoyable With Shooter Games

If you love games that require fast action plus hand-eye coordination, shooter games might be your best choice. These fast paced, action packed games demand quick reflexes and a keen eye, along with the capability to think ahead and plan intentionally.

From arcades to consoles to mobile phones and PCs, shooter games can be found all over the place.
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The first step in choosing a shooter game is to decide what sort of game you prefer.

This game type includes a number of different distinct forms:

First Person – This is probably the most popular categories of shooter games, initiated by classics such as Doom and Quake. These games feature realistic 3D graphics as seen from your eyes of the player character. Gamers navigate level after level within attempt to kill as many enemies as possible while surviving as long as they can.

Third Person – Third-person shooters provide a view of the game from at the rear of, beside or above the character. This has the benefit of affording a view of surroundings that the character may not see, giving the player a competitive benefit at the expense of some realism. These can include side-scrolling adventures, Room Invaders style games, and some other shooter with a third-person view from the action.

Shooting Gallery – The particular shooting gallery type of is defined by a fixed camera view. During these games, the view of the video game environment does not change. The player may remain in one place or have a limited range of motion. These games may function either first- or third-person perspectives.

Tactical Shooters – Like the above category, tactical shooter games come in both first- and third-person types. These games simulate military style combat with an added emphasis on realistic game play. The differentiating characteristic of a tactical shooter is the importance placed on technique and tactics. Unlike some “shoot ’em up” games which need only a quick trigger finger, tactical shooters require careful and cautious planning. Often these games may feature team play in which a player’s character is part of a larger unit.

Artillery Shooters – Sometimes classified as strategy games, artillery shooter games are those in which gameplay centers around the firing of projectile weapons. Like tactical shooters, artillery games place an emphasis on realistic online game mechanics and physics. Artillery games may feature tanks, missiles or other long-range artillery weapons. Elements such as the angle of trajectory and wind speed can come into play, making for a richer game experience.

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